Production process

We have a professional work team to straight organize. Verify the specific job and mastery of task. Find the potential disadvantages, to improve the new products.

We will bring products to simulate the daily use to test its quality, make its more personalized and humanized. We need to get the tools of production became stronger, more use of comfort and security. We will continue to pursue progress in order to provide you with better products and higher quality service.

Quality Control

We constantly improve, and improve the quality management system, According to the company standardization system to effectively run the company's quality management system, and strengthen the on-site quality inspection system, on a regular basis to check the specific goals.

Over the past years, YY TOOLS has exported some more innovative and practical tools. In the market, these tools in our increasingly perfect quality monitoring have become increasingly mature. Today, YY TOOLS has been the leader of Shanghai and Zhejiang economic zone in China.


Your life, your tools to create.

Your tools, we give you.

No matter where you are, what you do, as long as you need, we exist. We will be a pair of gloves, be your door lock and bolt, also can be the brush that make your room colorful. We are not only a tool, but also a protector of your life and work. We are YY TOOLS, best team, best service.

Originally a bolt and hardware manufacturing
Both companies grew in parallel over the ensuing decades, delivering world firsts and amassing an unparalleled family of brands and products and an even more impressive wealth of industry expertise.
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